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Is your nude on the internet? Microsoft and Google can help delete it.

Understanding the meaning of sexting is just as easy as understanding what a relationship is. A study has rightly revealed that over 50% of all adults engage in sexting. Sending of suggestive or nude pictures or videos to one’s partner or eliciting sexual acts through text messages has increasingly be accepted to bridge distance in a relationship. Call it the spice or bond of a sexual relationship and you will not be wrong.

Even with the widespread and acceptance of sexting, it is worthy of note that some partners get anxious and nervous when asked to engage in sexting.  The prevalence of this being high on the female side than the male. Often times, females feel the need for some emotional commitment before engaging in sexting. Reason for this is obviously due to the reputation attached to the female nudity. By this, I do not imply that men have no reputation but the societal construct is such that a male nudity is often analyzed in terms of masculinity and how athletic the body is rather than the female nudity which is often sexualized and attached with promiscuity and obscenity.

The above is one of the reasons most naked pictures of women get shared maliciously by an ex anytime a relationship that involves sexting hit the rock. The backlash that comes with leaked or shared nude picture is most times depressing as the revenge porn victim is often blamed and trolled for taking such pictures and sending in the first place. Findings have shown that revenge porn has such grave impacts on the victim’s mental health as sexual assault would. Cases of PTSD,suicidal thoughts,depression  and several other mental health effects have been reported over time.

While this is contestable, sad and backward, it has remained same over the years. The good news is Microsoft and google are now committed to giving protection to victims by giving them the chance to stop intimate and personal materials from circulating freely on the internet without consent. Both search engine honor request to bring down non-consensual images upon request. Both created special reporting pages with webforms for this cause.

How to restrict access to sexually explicit photos and videos. Follow the links below

However,it is worthy of note that removing links to such images or videos from search results doesn’t remove the content from the internet.

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